XIslanders is a Blockchain game that will run on the XRPL Ledger. We aim to be the first gateway to the crypto world for new users to come. A player in order to utilize the strategies of the game will have to learn how to stake, farm, trade, lending even using Contracts (with the use of tutorials and in gaming features). Users that have never used cryptos will be able to understand some of the utilities and possibilities of the crypto world, via gaming and earning. Veteran users will also be enjoying the game as much as new users, since Xislanders is a world of infinite freedom. More details will be available on the white paper. Xislanders is a play to earn game and its currency is XDNT.

We believe Mass adoption is here and we want to play a part on it.

Meet the Team

Christoffer Loman

Game Developer

Christoffer has an IT background and gaming is his true passion. He has taken part in all stages of the development life cycle of multiple games using various of the most advanced game creation software like Unity and Unreal Engine.

What distinguishes him from other developers is his deep understanding of what makes a game good since he has been gaming his whole life at a competitive level playing multiple genres like MMORPG, MOBA and turn-based strategy.

Martin Kartone


Martin is a passionate cartoon illustration artist whose subject matter is nature, rivers, animals, landscapes and architecture.

He tends to see everything through the prism of phantasy resulting in very contemporary and unique designs

While this is Martin's first NFT project his exceptional enthusiasm and adaptiveness to the whole Xislanders world can be seen in his work


XDNT (Xdino Native Token) is the main currency that gives life to Xislanders ecosystem. With XDNT you will be able to buy in game NFTS (Items, building, land, etc.), earn passive income, earn resources, trade, create Contracts, vote and enjoy the freedom of the Xislanders playstyle.



Xdinos are the mythic beasts that live in Xislanders world. Some love to party, others to sleep, most of them to fight and ALL of them love XDNT. There are different evolutions of Xdinos. Xdinominers live among the Citizens, while XdinoKings prefer to live more isolated. There are even rumors among the citizens that an XdinoGod appeared once on the Xislanders world. All evolutions of Xdinos are hand-drawn NFTs, with utility, Royalty rewards And are minted holding a fixed price of XDNT.

Dev team is delighted to be finally able to give life to this project that we are developing. We are trying to make the activities of the Xislanders world almost as real as our real-life world. With that in mind in Xislanders world, the player will have infinite possibilities and freedom of choice. As fans of gaming ourselves throughout of the development and marketing of the project many airdrop opportunities will appear to award our supporters through hints and mini-games activities. Please stay tuned and follow our social media.

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